Notion : Social Media Planner & Content calendar

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Social media is a huge part of business and brand strategy. Posting regularly is key to engaging with your customers. If you are trying to build a brand while also working or going to school full-time, it's easy to forget to post. Luckily, we can use social media schedules to keep us on track!

My social media strategy involves Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. While I might branch out to other platforms in the future, these are where most of my customers can be reached.

I post on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and again, will probably branch out in the future. You want to start off with a doable amount to post per week or month, as you don't want to become inconsistent or discouraged.

So firstly, let me introduce you to this beautiful social media calendar.

As you probably know, you can create multiple views on a Notion database. This is the calendar view. I like to use the calendar view as a general overview of any scheduling that needs to be done.

There is a small checkbox on each social media post, and I check it off whenever the post goes live, or when I have it set to auto-publish.

The x in the title of each page means that it is not planned out yet.

Now let's go into the scheduling view.

At the top of each column is a tag which represents current status. Posts will progress to the right as they are scheduled. I also have it sorted to show the date in ascending order. You can also change the tag (status) by clicking open each page.

On the far left, we have "ideas". This is is actually not necessarily a part of the scheduling process, but for reference when coming up with content.

The orange tag is "placeholders". This is where all of my posts will be when I first lay out my schedule. Placeholders just put a stake in the date and social media platform so I don't miss any dates.

The pink tag is "in progress". This is for content that requires a bit more execution, such as filming a Tik Tok. Luckily, you can open each of these posts as a page to write down any information or steps. This also includes writing captions and editing photos.

The purple tag is "completed & scheduled". This usually applies to any posts that can be auto-published. I use the app Planoly to automate my Instagram posts.

The blue tag is "in drafts". This refers to content that I have to manually post, and gives me a reminder that it is completed and in the drafts folder when I need it.

Finally, the green tag is "posted". All done!

Using the planner

Where and when are you going to post?

Gone are the days of simply saying "posting on Instagram". That could mean posting a reel, a highlight, or a simple timeline photo. Choose the platforms AND the type of post.

If you go into the planner and open up one of the pages (the "post"), there are tags to represent each type of social media post. These are applicable to my business, but others can be added (such as Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.).

This is a multi-select property if you want to crosspost onto multiple social media (i.e. posting an Instagram post onto Facebook).

So now comes time to actually add the dates to each post. What makes this process much easier for me is to duplicate the posts (right-click) and drag them into the appropriate dates. Just make sure you are duplicating the post with the correct type of social media.

So that is how I use Notion to schedule out my social media and content for the month! It's super useful and flexible.

If you are interested in getting this exact template, you can buy it here for $2.99!

It will have all of the same tags as you see in my own template. It will also have the calendar and board database views.