Notion API Guide : Google Calendar + Notion Database

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Go to and sign up for an account.

In the upper righthand corner, click on the button that says "create a bot". You will be brought to this page.

On the left side, we choose a trigger app. Scroll down the list until you find Google Calendar. Upon clicking it, you'll be prompted to login to your Google account.

Next, you'll see a list of options underneath "Select the trigger event". You will want to select "Event Added" at the very top.

Lastly on the left side, you'll choose which calendar you want to use.

Now let's move onto the right side. Underneath the list of options, you want to choose Notion. Upon clicking, you'll be prompted to login and authorize to use your account.

Now you'll choose "Add Item (page)" from the drop-down menu.

Underneath the databases tab, you'll get to choose which database you want to connect Google Calendar to.


If you notice that your databases are not auto-populating under 'databases', you'll need to make sure that you shared your database to Automate. Go to the upper right hand side of Notion, then click share. Click in the "add people, emails, groups" space, and you'll see Automate at the bottom.

Visual example below!

Adding Date

When the event copies from Google Calendar, you'll want the date to move as well. In order for this to happen, you need to make sure that you have a date property within your Notion database.

The date property will show up as below (with whatever name you gave it). Under start date, click +, then select "event begins".

Event Name

On the same page, there should be a Name drop-down list. Under this, you will want to select "Event Summary".

This is optional, but it will cause events to show up as Untitled in Notion, which can cause confusion.

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