Notion Aesthetic Hacks : Custom Colors, Widgets, & Playlists

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Perhaps meticulously decorating your productivity tools is a bit counterintuitive. However, I'm a strong believer that having a beautiful space can be a motivator for some people!

Today I will share some of my best tips for giving your Notion page a little bit of spice.


The secret weapon of widgets. This website has a pretty good selection of different Notion widgets you can embed into your pages.

Most of these widgets are pretty customizable as well! My personal favorite widget is definitely the Google Calendar widget. The free plan allows you to embed a single Google calendar.

You can change the colors and backgrounds of most of these.

The link to this website is here.

2. Giphy

Giphy is a great way to find both normal gifs and stickers with transparent backgrounds. They just need to be saved as a gif file, then uploaded onto Notion as an image.

3. Custom Colors

Notion is a bit limited on color options for both text and highlight. Fortunately, there is a bit of a workaround for this.

Firstly, you will want to add the following code to your page.

$$\color{000000}\colorbox{E5DAED}{good job!}$$

The colors are made up of hex codes, so you can go here to choose the color you'd like.

The first set of brackets in the formula {000000} controls the color of the text itself.

The second set of brackets {E5DAED} controls the color of the text box (or highlight color).

The last set of brackets {good job!} controls what the box says.

This formula can be edited directly inside of Notion.

4. Spotify Playlists

You can directly embed playlists from Spotify into Notion. I love this feature because it cuts down the amount of distraction time from trying to find a certain playlist or song. Also, it reminds me to not just listen to Youtube videos while trying to be productive (duh).

Firstly, go to your playlist of choice and click the 3 dots. Then scroll down to share, and copy embed code.

Next, go to your Notion page, and /embed. You'll paste the Spotify link in there.

5. Blank Icons

I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and the default Notion icons aren't my favorite. Perhaps one day Notion will implement a feature to let us automatically turn off icons, but I'm still yearning for API and offline mode.


Anyways, a little trick that I love to use in my workspaces, especially when I want to reduce visual clutter, is to add "blank icons".

Basically, I found a plain white photo, and I upload that as my page icons.

So much better!

If you are worried about how time-consuming this may be with a larger amount of database pages, create a template and upload the white photo to it. Whenever you create pages, you can click the template to automatically upload the blank icon.

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