My Notion Student Layout

As somebody who has been an online student for years, it has been interesting to see how my fellow students are adjusting to online learning. Since everybody learns differently, I understand the frustration of many options being reduced down to one, especially with little time to prepare.

When I began online classes, it was very easy for my assignments and due dates to slip my mind. In my opinion, making sure that you are prepared at the beginning of each semester is vital.

I have created a system in Notion which is simple enough to access any important information, assignments, and notes.

Here is the overview.

At the very top, I have my Map toggle. My Map is essentially just a synopsis of everything contained in a page.

1. The Library

My library is a list database. This is basically a place to keep my references, such as notes, syllabuses, links to important websites or online textbooks, and more.

As you can see on the right side, I have each page labeled by category. My current classes are labelled and sorted to be at the top (pink, orange, and yellow). Anything regarding my degree program and resume are towards the bottom, because although they are important pages, they're mostly there for future reference such as signing up for classes.

The pages with a star next to them are my notes for each class. I'll be needing to study throughout the semester in preparation for exams, so I will put practice questions and exam notes in these "notebooks". It's important to have a central place to keep study materials.

I also have my syllabi for each class, embedded by a PDF. It's super important to be able to refer back to your syllabus to help clarify assignments, due dates, and more. It's nice to have it a few clicks away in one place whenever I need it.

2. Schedule

All assignments and exams go here. It is sorted by date, with upcoming assignments at the top.

I added a checklist property and a filter so that only unchecked (incomplete) assignments will show.

Any assignments that have a star next to them are very important, such as tests, papers, or projects.

notion tasks table view
notion tasks list

My student set-up is pretty simple, which is a good thing. It makes it way easier to find everything I need in one place, making it easier to complete my assignments and study hard.

I hope you like my setup! Leave a comment and share how you optimize your Notion space for school.

-xoxo, Panda.