How I Use Notion to Track Daily Habits

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Notion is such an effective tool in my daily life, and I would feel a bit lost without it.

Right off the bat, I am in no way sponsored by Notion. It's seriously just such a good program / app that I feel that all my fellow productivity nerds should give it a shot.

Notion has helped me reduce the amount of productivity / planning apps that I use, because it's such a flexible system. You can easily implement almost any tool into Notion, and more features are being worked on all the time.

Okay, now enough gushing. I want to show you how I personally use Notion tables in order to create my own daily habit tracker.

Here is my personal habit tracker. Like most things in my life, it's a constant work-in-progress.

As you can see, it is a simple table format. Across the top row, I added each day of the week as a checkbox. In the names column, I added the habits that I'd like to finish each day. Easy peasy.

Each day, I just go down the habit tracker and check off each task as I complete it. You can even drag and drop each item in your checklist into a specific order.

My daily habits used to be in my overall planning system on Notion, but they were a bit hard to track using that method as they distracted me from my overall tasks for the day. This is how it works best for me at the moment.

If you haven't tried Notion, I am telling you that it will change your life. It's free to use but can be upgraded to unlock more features.

If you currently use Notion, please let me know if you implement this tracker into your system!