How I Plan My Projects in Notion

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Recently, I've been using a list database to organize all of my projects.

I define my "projects" as any tangible goals with a deadline which have subtasks. I include my personal goals in here as well. This method helps me to stay focused on what is currently important in my life, versus getting caught up in the minuscule tasks. Every small task is still important, but I can stay focused on the bigger picture while completing them.

Here is my "current projects overview". This is the default view for the database, and it has everything I'm currently working on.

On the right side, I have a property to label everything based on the area of my life that the project pertains to. Next to that, I have the deadline. I used the sorting feature to show the dates in ascending order.

Database Views

I have a few simple database views. Each view is filtered to only show the corresponding label. For example, the personal view will only show items with the label "personal".

Here is my business view. I sell items on a few different websites, and every month I aim to list a certain number of items. When it comes to projects that rely heavily on a number target, I suggest using a progress bar. I wrote a blog post on how to add a progress bar to your database, which you can read about here.

I love having the ability to show important properties depending on the view.

Goal Resetting & Planning

When it comes to planning, I find that monthly or quarterly goals work best for me (depending on the project).

Some of my projects are progress goals, which when finished, a new milestone will be established to work towards

Some of items are recurring, and need to be reset for the new time period. These are used more-so for maintenance.

To give an example, a recurring project would be to plan out my business social media for the month. I will add a task to my Google Calendar for when I need to "reset" the project. At the end of January, I reset for February.

For a progressive goal, I will set a reminder around the deadline to evaluate what needs to happen next. Sometimes this is dependent on the results of the goal, and sometimes is more dependent on a larger plan.

It's important for me to not only accomplish my goals in a certain time frame, but to have the ability to remember when and how to reset my goals. This is a huge part of planning! It helps me to avoid the confusion of "now what?" after accomplishing something.

(The task with the star is a reminder to reset)

In order to easily reset my goals for the new time period, I've created templates within my database. What I love about templates is that any database view within the template will automatically transfer into the new page.

If I have a labelled calendar for my social media planner, using templates helps me save so much time on messing with properties, views, filters, etc.

All I need to do is fill in the blanks in the title and get to work!

This method has really helped me to stay focused on the important projects and goals in my life. While each of us will have different work styles and productivity preferences, I hope that you were able to take something away from this post!

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for other content.

-xoxo, Panda.