How I Keep a Minimal Purse

Do you ever feel envious of those women who seem to always have a meticulously clean purse?

Look no further, friend. You can be her!


I used to be like you : ready for any event. It wasn’t until my journey with minimalism and organization that I realized something. By lugging around so much stuff, it was hard to live in the moment!

It’s time to lighten the load of junk you have in your bag. A cluttered space (even when concealed within a cute bag) makes your life feel cluttered.

The first thing you should do is dump all the contents of your purse onto a surface, and begin to go through them.

I'll tell you right now, you should probably get rid of the receipts, makeup, business cards, and definitely those old wrappers.


Things you should keep :

1. Wallet.

Try to clean out the unused rewards cards, excess coins, or old receipts.

2. Tampons / Pads.

If it's that time of the month, or in case somebody else needs one.

3. Backup Medicine.

For headaches, allergies, or cramps.

If you take anti-depressants, birth control, or another prescription, consider bringing a backup pill in case you aren't at home when you need to take it.

(I would recommend putting them into an inconspicuous case and DON'T take the whole prescription bottle. There are weirdos out there who might try to steal it.)

4. Hair Ties.

5. Lip Balm.

6. Sunscreen / Lotion.

Depending on the season. If you get dry skin, lotion is a plus.

7. Sunglasses.

Keep your eyes safe during the summer!

8. Cash / Spare Change.

I like having carrying a small amount of cash on me for little purchases or cash-only events.

9. Phone Charger.

It's never a good feeling to have a phone die when you need to call an Uber or have an emergency. Try to keep a phone charger in your bag at all times just in case.

(This is one exception to the 'just in case' thing!)

10. Keys.

Obviously you need your car or house keys.

I hope that this list helps you! Getting rid of the excess clutter in your bag makes it easier to find the important items, and you won't feel so weighed down.

- xoxo, Panda